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Heart of Aging with Wisdom and Vitality: An Educational Series (Ongoing - via ZOOM)

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Day of the week: 4th Tuesday of the Month

Date(s): March 2023 -January 2024

Time(s): 7:45-9:30 pm (via Zoom)


A dynamic learning series from Sage-ing International Circle Curriculum © invites participants to explore and engage in their spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical aspects; ultimately strengthening their ability to navigate life with greater awareness, purpose, vitality and celebration.

Based on the work of work of Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, author of “Age-ing to Sage-ing” infused with findings through neuroscience in collaboration with BrainWorks ®, each session provides a clear overview of core concepts, practices to internalize the material and activities that empower further growth and application to one’s life. Together participants honor diversity of ideas and life experiences in a Circle sharing experience, creating new possibilities for enhanced understanding of self, others, and the planet. Participate at your comfort level.

Attending each session is fruitful, but not necessary. Attend all 10 or choose the topics you desire to explore.

Maximum # of Participants: 15 per session

Additional Information:

March 28 – Gain Insights and Perspective from Your Life

April 25 – Free Yourself from Self Limiting Beliefs

May 23 – Examine the Path of Forgiveness

June 27 – Embrace Your Impermanence

July 25 – Be more Aware and Open

August 22 – Stay Connected to Your Inner Wisdom

September 26 – Know Your Impact: How you are Connected

October 24 – How to Be a Blessing and Make a Difference

November 28 – Living with a Grateful Heart

January 23, 2024–Images and Narratives that Empower

Facilitator Name: Jennifer Weinert

Facilitator Bio: A trained Circle Convener and facilitator for this curriculum, Jennifer is a guide for the practice of individual and group Spiritual Direction. With a background in educational programming, therapeutic arts, Bibiliotherapy, as an activity director and Tai Chi for Health instructor, she provides engagements that invite individuals into a genuine space of connection with their Inner Wisdom through contemplative, creative experiences.

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