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Sarah Perschbacher

Sarah Perschbacher believes yoga is a journey and not a destination. It provides her with a much-needed pause from the busyness of life. Her perspective echoes Judith Hanson Lasater, who said, “Yoga is not about touching your toes, it’s about what you learn on the way down.”

For the last eight years, Sarah has been leading a variety of yoga classes for all ages. She completed teacher training through Yoga-Fit in 2009. She believes yoga is for all generations and body types. In her classes, she loves to combine fun and creative sequencing and a spirit of playfulness to help others deepen their practice of Yoga.

Inge Herre Deneen

Inge Herre Deneen learned to knit as a child growing up in Germany, knitting through high school and college. Not about to leave her needles behind when she moved to the United States, she safely tucked them away in her luggage. Developing her own patterns began as a necessity, but soon she realized she had a valuable skill that allowed her to customize her knitting.

Inge has taught knitting and fiber arts since 2009, starting in the Washington, DC, area. She has designed knitting patterns, translated instructions for Verena and Anna magazines and offered professional finishing services. She taught at the Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival two years in a row.

In 2015 Inge introduced Fiber Arts at Good Shepherd Montessori School in South Bend, where students as young as six, knit, crochet, spin, and felt wool.

Jane Everhart

Jane Everhart is a graduate of DePauw University (Art) and Indiana University (Linguistics, East Asian Language and Culture.) Additionally, she studied with Liang dan-Fong in Taipei, Taiwan and Jo Wang Hess in Bloomington, Indiana. The unity of Nature, Language and Art in Chinese Calligraphy and in landscape painting is a prevailing interest in Jane’s work and teaching.

Jenifer George

Jenifer George is a retired teacher who has been actively involved in art, creative expression, music, gardening, and cooking from an early age. She loves sharing her talents and experiences with both adults and children, and encouraging self-expression through many media.

Jennifer Gould

Jennifer Gould’s life as a textile artist began early--as a child she made doll clothes on a sewing machine and learned to embroider from an elderly British neighbor woman. She made her own unique clothes, and taught herself to weave tapestries and crochet as a teen. As a junior in college, she spent a year in Tokyo, Japan at Waseda University where she studied weaving at the Yukitsumugi Kimono Factory in Ibaraki Prefecture and first saw indigo vats sunk into the ground.

Her exploration of weaving, dyeing, screen printing, textile painting and hand spinning has been a lifelong pursuit; a constant fascination with all things textile. Jennifer is known for her textile figures (dolls) that she began making over 30 years ago.

Jeremy Sheets

Jeremy Sheets is Senior Wildlife Biologist at Orbis Environmental Consulting. He has 13 years’ experience conducting various wildlife surveys with emphasis on bat ecology and urban wildlife management. He is proficient in wildlife management/control techniques, wildlife identification, threatened and endangered species, and surveying/analysis techniques for mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, and insects. Jeremy is also skilled in field data collection and analysis. His work with bats has included acoustic surveys, mist-netting, portal surveys, and radio telemetry of 13 species across 10 states.

Jo Hoffacker

Jo Hoffacker is a versatile artist who works in a variety of media—glass, textile arts, collage, clay, and found art. Her work is inspired by nature and Native American themes. She has facilitated art for over ten years, returning to Lower Michigan from South Carolina and Nevada.

Dr. Karen Altergott Roberts

Dr. Karen Altergott Roberts' work revolves around adult and family development, emotional well-being during times of challenge and transition, and the ways people use time in daily life. Karen has been a pastor in the United Methodist Church and a tenured faculty member in Family Studies and Gerontology at Purdue University. She holds a doctorate in Sociology from the University of Minnesota (1980) and a Master of Divinity from Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary/Northwestern University (1999). Her studies combine art, writing, prayer, and conversation in the healing process.

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