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12" Baku Specimen 21

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Specimen 21

Playing in the long grass of many backyards, alleys, and ditches this Baku can be identified by its tall antennae like top and bulbous eyes.

Sometimes mistaken for anything other than what it actually is.This jumper has many favorite things to do on a summer afternoon. Jumping is one of them, in fact It jump higher over the moon than the cow that accomplished that very same feat.It was a very popular event however the cow won because of a vigorous lobby by the dairy association given to the Judges.

Its favorite foods are cows, cows, and more cows.Steaks, hamburgers and sausages and more steaks.It also likes to gobble up with much delight the minotaurs who scare us in our drowse.

Large Clay Baku: $500 + tax

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