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12" Baku Specimen 25

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Specimen 25

Perching in the night sky among the branches of almost every tree, this Baku can be identified by its feathery brow and heart shaped abdomen.It also a has laugh like an owl hoot which is always a treat when you hear it in the trees.It sounds like revenge of the nerds.

This Baku has a zest for being stealthy.In theory this Baku should be able to fly but is does not as It prefers tofloat or glide with Its feathery brows, much like an old Grampa with bushy eyebrows who appears out of nowhere.

Its favorite foods are SOS on toast, planters honey roasted peanuts, ribeye steak and the creepy crawlies that give us shivers during any nightmare.

Large Clay Baku: $500 + tax

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