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Baku Specimen 2: 8x10 Acrylic on Canvas

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Specimen 2

Amongst the grassy knolls in many natural settings, this Baku can be identified by the silhouette of two cherubim friends holding hands or as others would identify this Baku as a Snail face munching away at some plot of dastardly deeds.

In either case it cannot be mistaken if it is seen on a hilltop or floating through the greenery. It likes the songs from the Beetles catalog.

Its favorite foods are cinnamon coins, the unkindness of others, canned yams, deeds done dirt cheap and discomforting dreams. It has been noted on some accounts that this Baku is also fond of TV dinners, but only the ones in tin trays...

Acrylic on Canvas Painting, 8x10: $150 + tax

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