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Tai Chi for Health - Spring Sessions (May/June))

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An invitation for all ages and abilities to practice modernized Tai Chi and Qigong movements created by Dr. Paul Lam of the Tai Chi for Health Institute. The practice maintains the learning and development of the essential principles of Tai Chi for body, mind, and spirit integration, while making it accessible and easily adapted for individual skills, abilities, and wellness capabilities.

A certified instructor, Jennifer Weinert, leads participants in a warm-up, form practice/development and cool down during a one-hour session. Like a brisk walking routine, the exercise consists of slow, steady, gently controlled movements and intentions. At the end of the six weeks the participant will be familiar with a form consisting of 5-6 movements that they can apply to their wellness routine.

A variety of forms are available to learn and beneficial to helping individuals improve and maintain their cardiovascular fitness, stamina, muscular strength, and flexibility while reducing stress and blood pressure through an ongoing practice. The names of forms identify specific conditions the movements help address.

Class Details and Registration:

Day- Mondays

Dates- May 9, 16, 23 and June 6, 13, 20

*Kindly register online or call 574-935-1712 by May 6.

Cost- $50.00 – Partial and full scholarships are available.

Maximum participants per class: 8

Choose Class:

TCA 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. – Those with arthritis will benefit from practicing this form.

TCD 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. – Those with Diabetes will benefit from practicing this form.

Waiver and Agreement: By joining the session, you acknowledge there are inherent risks with any exercise program and you accept full responsibility for, and assume the risk of any injuries sustained because of your participation in the class or practice of Tai Chi. You hold harmless the instructor, Jennifer Weinert, and all respective entities in association with the class of any liabilities, injuries, illness, and expenses which may arise as a result of participation in the class or practice or lessons involving Tai Chi. If you have any doubt due to your medical history or other factors whether you are medically fit to participate, it is your responsibility to get medical clearance from your doctor before participating.

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