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The Heart of Aging with Wisdom and Vitality (January-March)

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Day of the week: Mondays weekly (except for January 30th, meets on Tuesday that week)

Date(s): January 15-March 18

Time(s): 2:15-4:15 pm (in person)

Cost: $50 for 10 sessions


A dynamic small group learning series inviting participants to explore and engage with the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical aspects of their lives; strengthening the ability to navigate aging with greater awareness, purpose, vitality, and celebration. Together participants honor a diversity of ideas and life experiences in a Circle sharing experience, creating new possibilities for enhanced understanding of self, others, and the planet.

Based on the work of Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, author of "Age-ing to Sage-ing" infused with findings through neuroscience in collaboration with Memorial BrainWorks ®, each session provides an overview of core concepts, an introduction to practices that internalize the material and invitation to engage in activities that empower further growth and application.

Concepts: Empowering Images, Life Insights and Perspective, Overcoming Limiting Beliefs, Forgiveness, Impermanence, Awareness and Openness, Inner Wisdom, Being in Relation, Making a Difference, Living from the Heart

Maximum # of Participants: 20

Additional Information: Attending all the sessions may not be possible for some, please inform the facilitator to receive materials from missed sessions.

Facilitator Name: Jennifer Weinert

Facilitator Bio: Jennifer Weinert is a trained facilitator for The Heart of Aging with Wisdom and Vitality Program® and experienced Circle Convener with a background in arts and older adult programming, story-sharing, focusing and centering practices, spiritual direction, image/dream work and companioning the bereaved. She provides engagements that invite individuals into a genuine space of connection with their inner wisdom through contemplative, creative experiences.

Scholarships are available if cost is a barrier to attend. Please call (574) 935-1712 to get more information.

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